What's the best chef's knife?

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A good chef’s knife is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you can own. It should be sharp enough to cut through even the toughest ingredients, yet also hold its edge well enough to keep on slicing without needing sharpening every few minutes. And it must be comfortable in your hand so that it doesn’t cause strain or fatigue during long prep sessions (I speak from experience here).

But there are many different kinds of knives out there, each claiming to offer superior performance over all others: ceramic knives, carbon steel knives, forged blades—the list goes on and on. How do you choose? Which brands are best? What exactly makes a blade “good” anyway? To answer these questions (and more), we asked our resident knife expert for some tips on finding a top-notch knife that won't break your budget.

What makes a good chef's knife?

There are a few things that make a good chef's knife:

  • Balance. It should feel comfortable in your hand and not weigh too much. You'll want one that feels well-balanced when you pick it up, but also heavy enough to do the job of cutting through items on your cutting board with ease.

  • Grip. The handle should be comfortable and easy to hold onto for long periods of time, even if you have sweaty hands or wet hands from washing off produce before you cut into it.

  • Blade length and shape: Look for blades between 5”–7” in length, depending on how large of a person you are; most people find 7” too cumbersome unless they're very strong (or have very large hands). The shape can vary from rounded tip to straight edge; some chefs prefer the latter because they can use it like a spear or skewer meat during cooking instead of using tongs or other utensils (which won't always work well if there isn't space around the pan).

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

  • Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Chef's Knife

If you’re looking for the best chef’s knife and don’t mind spending a little more than $50, the Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox is an excellent choice. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel with a full tang through the handle and bolster that provides outstanding balance and control while cutting. The handle has a no slip grip that won't slip in wet conditions or when your hands are wet from washing them before use (which can happen if you're chopping vegetables). The blade also comes with lifetime warranty which means it will be replaced at no cost as long as there are no signs of abuse or misuse. This makes this knife one of the best chef's knives available on the market today!

Cheap chef’s knives are a bad investment and can be hazardous to your health. Try Victorinox instead.

There are a lot of chef's knives out there, and the vast majority of them are cheap. They’re also dangerous to your health—literally! Chef’s knives that aren't made from high-quality steel will quickly lose their edge, making them more likely to slip and potentially cause an injury.

If you really want to get serious about cooking (and saving money), invest in a Victorinox chef knife instead. This Swiss-made knife has all the features of other premium brands at a fraction of the price! You won't regret buying one for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves to cook.


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